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About me

My Story

I am a now , 37  year old Ohio native living and thriving here in DFW, Texas. A mother of 3, a community resource partner and obsessed with all things health and wellness. Especially as it pertains to pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  I have a great passion for preventive care practices from a holistic health approach. 

Like so many others, my first pregnancy and birth experience was controlled by OB-GYNs and hospital staff. Like many others, they lacked the necessary skills to educate me regarding my rights and abilities as a woman growing life and giving birth. 

Something just never settled quite right with me after that experience. i felt violated and mishandled. While I had a successful vaginal birth, I also had no say in how I did it. I was not given options or explained why I was given certain treatments.


As I began to consider growing my family I reflected heavily on my first pregnancy experience and began to make several changes immediately to prepare for future pregnancies. Including birthing RESET Holistic Health. I wanted to create an opportunity to Educate, Empower and Enlighten birthing persons on this journey. To give them a voice in their most vulnerable state. To help support a Happy Healthy Healed Pregnancy, Birth and beyond.

My Philosophy
Oriental Lotus
My Training

I believe that when you put food and fitness first the rest will take care of itself. Getting back to building a healthy foundation for you to live a life of improved quality. Something, almost magic like, happens within the mind and body when you combine compatible nutrition with proper exercise. 

R.E.S.E.T. is a great tool for those seeking help while navigating lifestyle changes. Rejuvenate, Empower, Stimulate, Enlighten, Transform are the concepts used in our journey together. The goal is to reach a balanced mind body spirit connection. In order to achieve this one has to fall in love with the work trusting the results will come. 

Here we support your desire to regain control of your health. We work as a collaborative effort to provide comprehensive care. No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, we meet you right where you are. We aim to be the tool to help bridge the gaps in your care routine.

As healthcare options continue to change we keep our focus on PREVENTION. We encourage our clients to remain PROACTIVE in their health rights. We genuinely seek to provide customized care that make you feel like a  PRIORITY.

BBS Exercise Science

Hardin Simmons University 2014

Group Fitness Training Certification

National Academy of Sports Medicine 2015

Exercise Therapy Specialist

International Sports Sciences Association 2016

Fitness Nutrition Certification 

International Sports Sciences Association 2016

Perinatal Fitness Training Certification

Athletics & Fitness Association of America 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant 

Faith Forward Nurse Aid Training Academy 2020

Certified Medication Aide

Vinepress Training Center 2021


Family Wellness Consultant

Julia Foster , MSW, BSW, 

Introducing Ms. Julia Foster, a Professional Organizer life coach and much more! Julia has been
a part of RESET since the beginning, only being seen behind the scenes. Julia is multi-talented
and multifunctional with two degrees in social work and currently in graduate school working on
her third degree in Clinical social work online out of Boston MS.
While working on her 3rd degree she decided to pursue a long time dream and goal to help
others while building on her self-care skills. One of Julia’s sayings is: Helping others helps her
heal herself as a form of self-care! On October 2018 , HaveKirbyWillTravel organizing and
decluttering services was born. Professional Organizer
Have no fear HaveKirbeyWillTravel is HERE!

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