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Non-Pregnancy Services

Free Consultation 

Building trust is how we like to do business. Set up your 30 minute consultation today to learn more about RESET and how we can best serve you. Sessions are 30 minutes 

Comprehensive Wellness Assessments                              $150.00

Being able to get a good picture of how your wellness journey has been thus far is a great way for me to build the best customized care plan. We review health history, emotional health as well as lifestyle habits. Session are 90 minutes 

Nutrition Education Workshops / Services         

Learn the benefits of specific nutrition that supports your blood type. Which combinations also aid to prevent chronic illnesses. Session are up to 2 hours in length: 

Meal Plans $150

Meal Prepping $275

Pantry Clean Out $175

Nutrition Education Workshops $75

Supplement/Essential Oil Education Sessions                     $75.00

Your safety is our top priority. Some times that means needing some additional supplements and holistic tools.  Knowing when and how to use these tools are crucial for them being both safe and effective.  Sessions are 90 minutes 

Exercise Therapy Sessions                                                 $50.00

Get your body moving with options such fitness combo sessions for improved functional fitness. Sessions are designed to be restorative with a beginner to intermediate exercises that incorporate stretching and deep breathing. Sessions are 60 minutes 

BodyWork Sessions                                                        $105.00

This unique service provides the benefits of massage therapy techniques and functional fitness techniques. Including the option to receive a lymphatic massage to help gently detox your system. Through passive stretching and ROM exercise post surgery related tension, tightness, and aches are relieved. This is a great tool for also decreasing stress and promoting healthy energy and rest. Sessions are 90 Minutes

As Your Preventive Care Specialist I Do NOT:

Perform any clinical tasks

I do not draw blood for labs, I do not collect urine samples . I do not provide physical exams, internally or externally. 

Diagnose Illness or Disease 

My scope of practice is not to provide any prognosis or treatment of any preexisting condition. The scope of care is to provide coaching support for preventing the onset and progression of symptoms through education for lifestyle changes. 


Guided Meditation/ Private Yoga Sessions :                      $80.00  

Focuses on learning how to listen to the body. To slow down and be present. Guided Meditation, Stress management tools, Chakra work and aromatherapy are some of the tools used to obtain a balanced connection Mind Body Spirit.

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