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It is with great pleasure to now offer functional nutrition coaching services to our 360º Health & Wellness clients. This new program partnership gets you access to personalized nutrition classes to support your health and wellness goals.

Dr Danielle and I are working closely to provide you with the comprehensive care you seek through functional medicine and nutrition protocols.

Our program is uniquely designed to help women 35+ that are seeking guidance on losing stubborn weight, reduce fluctuations in weight due to hormonal imbalances, menopausal support and improving quality of life.

Elimination Diet Coaching Class

We are going to discuss the “Best Practice” principles of an elimination diet and discuss the variations in which it will best suit your needs.  We go over tools and tips on how to stick to the program as well as meal planning


Low- FODMAP Nutrition Coaching

This nutritional coaching programs targets specific health issues related directly with consuming specific foods that are creating and inflammatory environment within the body.

For More information on booking appointments and lab assessments with 360 Health & Wellness 
Contact Office Manager: Beckie (214) 744-3631

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